Aapo Puskala
Aapo Puskala
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Aapo Puskala résumé

May 11th, 2011


I am a cognitive psychologist with a strong UI & IT background.

My peers know my optimism and my ability to view common things from new angles. I do not give up on a new idea until it either gets done or until further research reveals fundamental flaws in it. Good ideas are too valuable to just let them die or to have a competitor try them first.

I’m creative in developing new approaches but analytical in evaluating them. My verbal talent comes to use when ideas and suggestions need to be conveyed to various audiences in an understandable way.

My primary professional goal is to utilize my psychology and usability skills to create efficient & fun user interfaces suited for their purpose, fulfilling even the needs unrecognized by the users themselves.

In short, I aim to provide positive user experiences.


Usability & UI development
  • User needs research
    • competitor analysis
    • contextual inquiry
    • observation
    • card sort
    • personas & scenarios
  • User interface evaluation
    • expert evaluation
    • usability testing
    • cognitive walkthrough
  • User interface design
    • Rapid prototyping (paper and early protos)
  • User interface implementation
    • XAML (Windows applications)
    • Web (HTML, CSS & JavaScript)
  • Measuring success
    • Quantitative analysis (logs, usage patterns)
Computer languages
Human languages
  • Finnish (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Swedish (good)


1997 - 2001 Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Usability Laboratory
  • Usability & user interfaces (minor subject)
1994 - 2002 University of Helsinki, Finland, Department of Psychology
1988 - 1989 Exchange student, Whitehall High School, Michigan, USA
1989 - 1992 Secondary school graduate (Magna Cum Laude Approbatur), Espoonlahden lukio, Espoo, Finland


2008 - current CEO, User Point Oy. User Point is a one-man usability consulting company.
  • Design and implement user interfaces for websites, desktop applications and mobile applications.
  • Train developers in user interface development & user research.
  • Research clients’ UI needs.
  • User interface consulting.
  • Manage the whole company’s operation.
  • Established a financially stable and profitable usability consulting company from scratch.
  • Received much positive feedback from clients.
  • Created many succesful websites, such as WebCal, Sytytä kynttilä and Witster.
  • Held several User Centric Design training courses and recieved with very positive feedback.
2008 - 2010 User Interface Designer, Mirasys Oy. Mirasys is a leading European provider of open platform IP and analog video surveillance solutions.
  • Research users’ and customers’ needs.
  • Design, create and test application and WWW user interfaces.
  • Design and test mobile platform user interfaces.
  • Designed and tested the user interface for a mobile platform surveillance app Spotter Mobile.
  • Defined the features and designed the user interface for a new surveillance application to replace the current offering.
2003 - 2008 Usability Specialist, KONE Corporation, R&D, Finland. KONE is the 4th largest elevator and escalator company in the world with about 30,000 employees
  • Research users’ and customers’ needs.
  • Design and evaluate user interfaces (websites, mobile applications, new elevator calling methods).
  • Test user interfaces (websites, mobile applications, new elevator calling methods).
  • New product concept creation.
  • Defined the user requirements and features of KONE IDE300™, a system for improving the entrance usability of residential buildings.
  • Significantly increased the foothold of user experience in R&D with intranet telephone directory changes.
  • Communication system (WO2007093665)
  • Tracking System (WO2008043878)
  • Hissijärjestelmä (Elevator system) (FI118533B)
  • Yhteysjärjestelmä (Method and Call System) (FI7844U, US2008217112)
  • Opastusjärjestelmä (Guidance System) (FI119134B)
  • Sign System (FI118963B)
  • Läpinäkyvä ovi ja menetelmä läpinäkyvän oven törmäyksen estoon (See-through door and a method for preventing collision) (FI118963B)
2002 - 2003 Senior Usability Specialist, Oujee Research Ltd, Finland. Oujee Resarch Ltd (later renamed Idean Research Ltd) is a usability consulting and testing company of about 40 employees.
  • Research users’ needs and expectations of new product concepts and ideas.
  • Evaluate usability of websites, desktop applications and mobile phone games.
  • Developed usability guidelines for Nokia Series 40 mobile phone games. Nokia was so satisfied with the results that they ordered a similar guideline book for Nokia Series 60 games.
  • On my own initiative, I developed a web tool to evaluate how well a mobile phone games follow the guidelines and how the violations affect the user experience.
1999 - 2000 Usability Specialist, Nokia Ventures Organization, Nokia Wireless Software Solutions. Nokia is the world's leading mobile phone manufacturer
  • Usability testing and interface evaluation for new mobile phone and WAP services.
  • Tested WAP-based mobile phone games. The results were used to create WAP games as examples for developers to encourage them develop their own games. Usability testing was done mostly in Hungary, teamwork with locals.
1999 Usability Developer & Product Concept Analyst, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Usability Laboratory. Helsinki University of Technology is Finland’s leading technology-oriented educational institution.
  • Develop concepts for mobile devices, their usability testing and evaluated user experience.
  • Researched product concepts for real-time community interaction in collaboration with Nokia, IDEO, Vienna University (CURE), Netherlands Design Institute and Meru Research.
1996 - 1999 User Interface Developer, Byte Enchanters, Inc. Byte Enchanters was a computer game company of 5 employees.
  • Desktop mafia game user interface design.
  • Web page development and customer support.
  • Developed the user interface for a on-line mafia game, Legal Crime.
  • Created and upheld company website and download service.

Personal details

Date of birth May 9th, 1972
Nationality Finnish
Marital status Married, one child
Interests History, psychology, bicycling, badminton, writing, ideation, PHP, net phenomena


Available upon request.